After the whirlwind of activity leading up to the Light Chasers exhibit at the Castle Community, I’m entering a “recover and refresh” phase of my life. I had an elective surgery recently, and I am on six weeks of leave from work, so it’s a good time to slow down, take stock, and set goals for the next twelve months.

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Show Time

We’re just days away from the reception for the Light Chasers: An Intersection of Science and Art exhibit. I’m grateful to have received some nice publicity in the 507 Magazine. One of my pieces is on the cover, and John Sievers wrote a very nice article that appears inside. Click here to go the article.

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Adoption Story – Emerging Musicians

This flame was adopted by Rosei S, who has dedicated it to all the young emerging musical talent she enjoys. Rochester provides lots of opportunities for musicians, singers, and songwriters to get in front of audiences and try out new works, develop one’s performance chops, and promote one’s first efforts at recording.

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Adoption Story – MN Guitar Society

This flame was adopted by Ben G of Rochester, who dedicates it to the Minnesota Guitar Society. Ben is a performing guitarist and guitar instructor, and he speaks of how he was influenced early on by MGS concerts and the musicians he heard. To this day, MGS brings world class guitarists to Minnesota. They also sponsor open mic-style jams at a St. Paul coffee house, where guitarists of all abilities can meet other players and also perform casually in a non-threatening environment.

You can follow the MN Guitar Society on Facebook, or by visiting their website. Please consider making a donation to support their efforts to foster guitar performance and education in Minnesota.

Dedicated to the MN Guitar Society
Dedicated to the MN Guitar Society

Caffenol Experiment 1

This blog entry opens up a series of blogs I’ll write as part of my “Light Chasers” project. Today, I discuss my initial experiment in developing film with coffee.

The practice of developing black and white film with coffee (“caffenol”, as it is known colloquially) is well-described. There is a group of caffenol aficionados on Facebook (click here), on Flicker (click here), and there is a full website dedicated to the subject (click here).

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Great News

I’m delighted to report that I’ve received an Emerging Artist grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) to produce a new photography exhibit. The project that I will fund with this grant is an extension of my earlier Light Chaser exhibit held at Gallery 24 in April, 2018. As part of the grant, I’ve set these goals:

First, I have the goal of producing at least ten new photographic works related to my theme. My current vision is that these will be black and white photographs shot with film, and self-developed. I have the materials and experience to do this already. The content of the photographs will feature landscapes, sun, moon, and stars, and will interpret written passages from historical scientific figures. Second, I have a goal of conducting two family-friendly workshops for parents and children in which I encourage them to mingle art and science with resources they already own or have at home. Third, I have a goal of holding an art reception capstone event that features my photographs and builds upon the experience of the workshops. Finally, I have the goal of building a companion website for my project that features the art and science results of the attendees of my workshops and reception, allowing the project to live on past the terms of the grant.

My capstone exhibit will be at the Rochester Art Center in July, 2019. Stay tuned for more info as the project progresses.

Light Chaser Stories: Scene 2

One of my favorite colors in nature is the yellow of the goldfinch. When we visit Janet’s relatives in Brainerd, we have the chance to see a lot of them at her aunt’s house. She has a couple of feeders that the goldfinches love.

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