Adoption Story – Emerging Musicians

This flame was adopted by Rosei S, who has dedicated it to all the young emerging musical talent she enjoys. Rochester provides lots of opportunities for musicians, singers, and songwriters to get in front of audiences and try out new works, develop one’s performance chops, and promote one’s first efforts at recording.

In my short time here, I’ve watched numerous eating and drinking establishments add live music performance to their customer experience. I can remember when you only went to the Redwood Room or the the Canadian Honker to hear live music (we still do!). Now you can add Casablanca, Taco Jed, Forager Brewery, Canvas and Chardonnay, Kinney Creek Brewery, Kathy’s Pub, Cafe Steam… the list goes on. And, you have Pure Rock Studios teaching kids not only to play instruments but to play with others in a rock band ensemble.

There’s a lot going on musically in our town. Rosei is passionate about supporting young musicians who are just getting started. She speaks of the joy on the face of a young artist when she tells them, “Yeah, I listened to your stuff on your website, I love it!”

What can you do to support young musicians? You can applaud when you hear them at your favorite restaurant, and let them know you are listening. Then be sure to leave them a meaningful tip. You can buy their first EP. You can tell the server at the restaurant you appreciate the fact that the restaurant brings musicians in to play. By being a good audience member you make your own contribution to the musical environment in Rochester.

Adopted! - Dedicated to emerging musicians
Adopted! – Dedicated to emerging musicians

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