Happy Places

When you think of your happy place, do you think of a tropical destination far away that you visited once, but are not able to go to again soon? Or maybe it’s the mountains, or the ocean. Wherever that place is, it’s often not easy to get to, and you have to save up lots of money and vacation time to go there.

Maybe you are overlooking happy places closer to you than you realize. We shouldn’t forget about those.

Is this your happy place?
Is this your happy place?

I know one of my happy places is when I am with my friends making music. I play banjo, and Janet and I have a lot of friends in the bluegrass community in Minnesota. Sitting around jamming brings a lot of joy.

Friends Jamming
Friends Jamming

Currently, I play in an alt-folk band, and when we record in a studio, or rehearse at home, or even just go out to eat at one of our favorite taco joints after practicing, when I am with this group, I know I am in my happy place.


Where is your happy place? Is it when you have quiet time with your partner, or when you are reading to your child before bed? Oooh, I bet it’s catching a nap in that recliner with your cuddled with your favorite lap dog. Or anytime you are saddled up riding your horse. Maybe it really is on that tropical island somewhere :0)

Leave us a note, we’re glad to hear about your happy place.

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