Promote the Common Good

It’s our mission as a small business to promote the common good. What does that mean for us, and how do we achieve it? Here are a few ways:

1) Education: I (Rick) began my formal career in education back in 1988, and even though I no longer teach in the traditional sense, I still consider education one of my avocations. I taught students informally in Kenya during a two-week photography travel adventure there, for example. Closer to home, I hold family-friendly workshops on art and science.

Teaching at New Dawn School in Nairobi
Teaching at New Dawn School in Nairobi
Teaching Photography Techniques
Teaching Photography Techniques

2) Donations: We aren’t in a position to be large charitable donors, but we give within our means. Sometimes we donate things, sometimes we donate money, sometimes we donate our time. I believe in the power and value of microphilanthropy. Read more about how I promote this by clicking here.

Donation of Photo Canvas
Donation of Photo Canvas
Donation of Sports Equipment
Donation of Sports Equipment

3) Support other artists, nonprofits, and small businesses. We proudly sponsored the Rochester MN Pride Festival in 2019, and we also support four artists through Patreon. We are contributors to the Rochester Symphony, and Rochester Civic Music. Rick has a side gig where he provides photography for local businesses for their social marketing.

4) Creating art that connects with people emotionally. Whether Janet paints a custom rosemaling item, or I restore an heirloom photograph, we strive to create art that appeals to one’s emotions.

Enriching one's home through art
Enriching one’s home through art

These are just a few ways we promote the common good in our artistic pursuits. You help every time you give us a “like” on social media, or share one of our blogs. We are grateful to have you as an ally and supporter.

See more images showing how we promote the common good at our Gallery site.


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