Show Time

We’re just days away from the reception for the Light Chasers: An Intersection of Science and Art exhibit. I’m grateful to have received some nice publicity in the 507 Magazine. One of my pieces is on the cover, and John Sievers wrote a very nice article that appears inside. Click here to go the article.

I’m looking forward to the reception. I’ve prepared my notes for my artist’s talk, and I’m eager to present each image and tell a little story about the scientific Light Chasers associated with my photographs. Included in my talk are vignettes featuring scientific luminaries such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, along with the less familiar Louis de Broglie, Hermann Minkowski, Thomas Young, and Anders Ångström. I’ll cover topics such as reflection and diffraction, along with curved space-time and quantum physics. But don’t be concerned if you feel this talk will be boring. I think you’ll find it engaging and accessible.

If you can’t attend the talk, I have a pamphlet for the show so you can take a self-guided tour whenever you visit the Turret Gallery. And, if you can’t make it downtown during the weeks of the show (August 9 through August 31), I’ll have a virtual gallery online for you to visit.

Thanks for following this adventure. I’ve already started thinking about my next project, a potential spinoff of this one. Stay tuned! Here’s an image that didn’t make the cut, to keep you curious.


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