Adoption Story – Rochester Boys and Girls Club

Today’s adoption story comes from Sterling H., who dedicates his adopted flame to the Rochester Boys and Girls Club.

Sterling is also an employee of the Boys and Girls Club, so it was a good opportunity to ask him about the work that goes on there and why it’s important to him. My impressions of the BGC is that is was formed to serve underprivileged kids in a community. Sterling stated that a lot of people carry that impression, and that is a common view across the country. Of the hundreds of Rochester kids who spend time at the Rochester BGC, certainly a portion come from low-income families. However, Sterling made it clear that the Club actually serves children from all socio-economic levels in Rochester. He finds it to be a very inclusive atmosphere.

Sterling works primarily with kids in the elementary and middle school ages. He staffs the art studio there, so kids have the chance to express themselves artistically. I visited the Club and toured that space, and was astounded by some of the folded paper art I saw there.

What impressed me most about Sterling’s story is the importance of relationships at the BGC. As a teacher there, he sees the kids creating positive relationships with each other, and with the adults who work with them. Moreover, those relationships endure beyond the time spent at the Club.

If you are living with an outdated impression of the work that BGC does in the community (as I admittedly did), please take some time to get to know the Club and the good work that goes on their. It’s clear to me just what a positive influence the Club is in the lives of Rochester kids. You can follow them on Facebook, too.

Adopted! - Dedicated to Rochester Boys and Girls Club
Adopted! – Dedicated to Rochester Boys and Girls Club

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