Adoption Story – Emerging Musicians

This flame was adopted by Rosei S, who has dedicated it to all the young emerging musical talent she enjoys. Rochester provides lots of opportunities for musicians, singers, and songwriters to get in front of audiences and try out new works, develop one’s performance chops, and promote one’s first efforts at recording.

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Support Local Music

[Originally published April, 2016]

Janet and I had a wonderfully musical weekend. It began with seeing a pair of musicians at one of our local hangouts for dinner, and we even snuck in a little dancing. It continued the next night, when we spontaneously bought tickets to hear two well-known Minnesota-based musicians play together in a very intimate yet rollicking performance. Beyond the fact that the music is good, it’s gratifying to start to build a relationship with the musicians. Over time, they begin to recognize you, then you’re connected on social media, and eventually you’re on a first name basis.
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