Hi, I’m Rick Swanson. My wife, Jan, and I are co-owners of Fox and Swan Arts. After a long career in education and training, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug in 2012. I’m enthusiastic about owning and running my own business. I’m looking for new and interesting ways to share my photography with others. My wife Jan is my artistic advisor who has operated a successful mural painting business. We look forward to getting to know you!

Rick and Jan in Bergen, Norway

Our Mission: To promote the common good through art

Our Values:

  • We support local small businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and musicians
  • We are LGBTQI-friendly
  • We are global citizens who celebrate the beauty of the world around us
  • We spread joy and compassion with our art

Partners and Allies (thanks for giving them your business, too!)

Charities, Artists, Musicians, Organizations, and Events we support

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