June of 2014 was a dark time for me. Two years earlier, in May of 2012, I gave up my full-time job so I could begin a new venture, owning and operating two small businesses. I had a plan for feeding myself and paying my bills without interruption while I worked to get each business going and grow them to the point where they supported themselves, and me.

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It’s been a rough week for us, as we said goodbye to Mysti, our Shihtzu. Janet adopted Mysti in 2001, I met Mysti in 2006 when I first met Janet, and Mysti moved in with me in 2008 (even before Janet did!). I had recently lost access to my beloved Boston Terrier, Sam, so although I wasn’t really looking for a dog, Mysti came along at a good time for me. Here’s a pair of portraits from our last day together.

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I’m creating a series of images I call Flames. I like to take ordinary images and then manipulate them into other things with Photoshop. If you look in my Abstracts gallery, you’ll see what I mean. One technique I’m fond of produces a final image which reminds me of a flame having the shape I remember seeing on a Bunsen burner back in my chemistry-teaching days.

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October Highlights

October turned out to be a month filled with photography, music, and family. Previously, I presented you with some of my first attempts at taking a star trail photo at Kinstone. Since then I went out a second time to try again, and I have to say I was very pleased with the outcome.

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Night Light

I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to take some night sky images at Kinstone Circle near Fountain City, Wisconsin. Every month since April I would wait for the new moon, hoping that one of the days surrounding the new moon would have cloudless skies and decent weather. It was a long wait, but I had good luck twice, once at the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and again at the end of the month with a second new moon (the so-called “black moon”).

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It’s the Little Things

[Originally published April, 2016]

When I’m out on a photo walk, I usually start by looking at the big picture and waiting for something to catch my eye. This could be a panorama, a landscape, a skyscape, building, or tree. At some point I also turn my eye towards the small things around me… Continue reading “It’s the Little Things”