I’m creating a series of images I call Flames. I like to take ordinary images and then manipulate them into other things with Photoshop. If you look in my Abstracts gallery, you’ll see what I mean. One technique I’m fond of produces a final image which reminds me of a flame having the shape I remember seeing on a Bunsen burner back in my chemistry-teaching days.

Coming out of the 2016 elections I was more than a little despondent, so I needed to do something to help lift myself up. I started creating flames.


In ancient alchemy, the flame was a separating agent, sifting out the basic elements of matter (as understood in those days). Among other methods, fire was a necessary tool for the transmutation of so-called base metals into the more precious metals.

Fire and flame hold multiple meanings nowadays. It can have religious symbolism, as in the Christian baptism candle, or Easter candle. Many couples light a unity candle at wedding ceremonies. We remain aware of fire’s destructive nature, too. Then again, we talk about “lighting a fire under someone” to get them motivated. We say that flames “dance” when air currents move them around. Even past loves are called “old flames.”

I’ve created an extensive series of flame images: some in color, some in black and white; some highly abstracted, some more literal. I created them to express my hope that we’ll fight through the hateful rhetoric of our current presidential administration and move toward a positive vision of our country and our future.

And now I hope they will be yours. I’d like you to look through them, and find one that speaks to you, appeals to your senses, challenges you to work for something positive.

These flames are all up for adoption. Here’s what you do. Look through the Flames gallery on this website. Use the Contact Us link to tell us which flame you would like to adopt, and why. Pick a positive cause you advocate for, and tell us about it. We’ll read your request, and if we accept it, we’ll dedicate the Flame to you and your cause. Simple as that. There will be an option for you to by a print of your flame (giclee; canvas; metal) if you choose, but this is not required.



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