Mayo Clinic Art

It will take more than one blog post to cover all of the Mayo Clinic art there is to see. We’ll take a look at a few of my favorites, including one that only recently came back to light.

The banner image shows a well-recognized statue of the Mayo brothers just in front of the main entrance to Mayo Clinic. It’s part of the Feith Family Statuary Park. If you are visiting Mayo Clinic and have some extra time between appointments, it’s worth taking a little walk outside.

One of the things I enjoy as an employee of Mayo Clinic is the vast display of artworks throughout all the buildings. Mayo Clinic offers daily art tours for patients and visitors, so take advantage of that. There are some amazing works.

One of our most noteworthy pieces is the Chihuly glass hanging in the Gonda Building. If you park at the Damon Ramp and use the pedestrian subway to access the Gonda, don’t forget to look overhead. You’ll be greeted by a stunning glass work that never ceases to amaze.

chihuly glass
Chihuly glass

Of course, the Landow Atrium in the Gonda Building features the largest artwork at Mayo, Ivan Mestrovic’s 28-foot bronze statue entitled ‘Man and Freedom.’ Keep in mind that the wall on which this hangs was once the exterior of the Mayo Building, before the Gonda building was added.

man and freedom
Man and Freedom

I’ll finish with an interesting work, that is a section of a larger mosaic. At the Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital, a mosaic was installed decades ago, only to be covered up and hidden as parts of the hospital were remodeled. Recently, a portion of the mosaic was once again revealed. Read the full story of the mosaic by clicking here.


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