Wishing I Could Do More

[Originally published August 15, 2015]

Twice in recent days I’ve learned of a friend or acquaintance who has been hit with serious medical issues. Mai is facing hearing loss, and Patty is battling cancer. To make things worse, insult adds to injury because the only path to restored health essentially is the path to financial ruin. How does a person stay hopeful in those circumstances? I find myself wishing I could do more.

Today’s photographs are abstracts derived from other images. Through a series of steps in Photoshop, I ended up with the images below. They are dedicated to spirit and courage of Mai and Patty. I’m wishing them a return to good health.

UPDATE: September 6, 2016

My friend Mai continues to struggle with hearing loss, but her spirit and passion for life is undiminished. In the year since this blog first appeared, she has overcome numerous obstacles to fulfill her goal of starting her own food truck business. Watch for the Eggroll Queen on the streets of St. Paul. And follow her on Facebook, too. (see link below).

Patty’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous. She survived her cancer fight and is thriving once again. Congratulations, Patty!

Follow Mai, the Eggroll Queen here: https://www.facebook.com/eggrollqueen1

Read about Patty’s amazing story here: https://www.youcaring.com/patty-labossiere-410077#.VcywxeflDw4.facebook

in honor of mai
In Honor of Mai
in honor of patty
In Honor of Patty

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