Light Chaser Exhibit

I am raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign to create printed and mounted photographic works for my first solo art show, entitled, “Light Chaser”, to be held at Gallery 24, an artist collaborative in Rochester, MN. I’m a former chemistry and physics teacher, and my photography is definitely influenced by the understanding of light I gained while studying, and teaching, chemistry and physics. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The greatest scientists are always artists as well.” For me, there is beauty in the art of photography just as much as there is beauty in the scientific understanding of light and color.

The Light Chaser exhibit will feature my original photographic works arranged in two bold stripes representing the colors of the visible light spectrum. Each stripe is composed of a linear sequence of 8″x8″ color images, ordered in such a way to produce the appearance of a color gradient, like the rainbow. Each stripe will be about 30 feet long, and contain about 45 images. I’ll print a bifold guide to the exhibit that includes quotes from scientists and artists alike, revealing the multiple ways in which humans have perceived and understood light and color. I also have a website for the exhibit, which includes some autobiographical information, and the exhibit backstory. The exhibit title, “Light Chaser”, is a double reference to chasing light with a camera to capture an image, as well as the intellectual chase of understanding the fundamental nature of what light and color are.

Over several years I have gathered photographs that feature the colors of the rainbow (aka the spectrum of visible light) as represented by the well-known (and oft maligned) acronym, ROY G BIV. Check out this image, featuring the color Green:

kinstone northern lights
Kinstone Northern Lights

This image features the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) as seen from a magical place called Kinstone, in southwestern Wisconsin. Can you pick out the bowl of the Big Dipper, too?

I’ll present my show as an exploration of the ROYGBIV acronym.

Among modern presentation techniques for photographs, I will feature prints on metallic paper, mounted on 1/4″ foamboard. Because I am featuring the colors of the rainbow, I feel metallic paper prints are a good choice for their clean look and for making color images “pop”. Here’s an example:

lily 02
Lily 02

You need to see this one in person… it’s fabulous!

My basic funding goal is $950, which I estimate will take 67 individual contributions. My stretch goal is to reach $1250, which I estimate will require about 90 individual contributions.

Ok, more to come, but for now thanks for supporting the Light Chaser show.

Here’s a link to my Kickstarter: click here.

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