Civic Music Board

I took a walk this afternoon through the Rochester pedestrian skyway system to our City Hall building so I could renew my disclosure form with the City. In my role on the Civic Music Advisory Board, I am essentially an unpaid employee of the city (some people call that “volunteering”, of course). What distinguishes my situation, however, is that I serve under the same requirements for honesty and integrity as paid city servants. So, it is necessary and good that I disclose any financial or other relationships I have with businesses that operate within the city, so that my participation on the Civic Music Advisory Board does not conflict in any unfair or improper way.

My primary responsibility in this role is to be an advocate for the people of Rochester, listen to their voices, and represent them in how I advise the Civic Music department to make decisions about future music programming. I do that by attending regular meetings at City Hall, by meeting with members of the City Council, by volunteering at music events sponsored by Civic Music, and by communicating to other elected lawmakers who make decisions about arts funding at the national, state, or regional level.

In the same way that our City Council members represent people in the city wards, I also represent my neighbors in the ward where I live, which happens to be Ward 6 (and Precinct 4 within that.)


So far I feel I have done a good job as a member of the Civic Music board. I attend most of the musical performances that are sponsored by Civic Music, including Riverside Concerts Presents series, Down by the Riverside Concerts (I get to wear the green apron and walk around with the collection bucket), the World Music Series, and performances at the two stages of Thursdays on First and Third.

The 9th Planet Out
The 9th Planet Out – Thursdays on First and Third

I have a good attendance record for the Civic Music Advisory Board meetings, held on the final Tuesday of the month. These are open to the public, and held at City Hall.

Where I strive to improve is in my political advocacy for the arts and music. I want to be more communicative with my elected lawmakers, at all levels (federal, state, local). I also want to connect more with my constituents in Ward 6. So, expect me to create events where I can talk with you about the work that Civic Music is doing, and you can talk to me about what you would like to see (and hear) more of musically.

In my earlier blog entry I discussed elements of the arts ecosystem in Rochester, and I feel my service on the Civic Music board is one of the ways I contribute to the ecosystem. Help me do a better job by communicating with me about your musical interests, so I can bring your voice to the Civic Music discussion.


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