Chicago Scenes

I’ve lived in Rochester a little over a year, and I’ve become accustomed to its size and pace. Spending a few days in Chicago this past week was a bit of a shock, as it has been a while since I’ve been in a city of that size with that many people.

Fairly quickly I acclimated, however, and I was reminded that I actually like downtown Chicago quite a bit. That stretch of Michigan Avenue from the Chicago River up toward the Hancock Building is really a nice place to visit.  People are friendlier than you might give them credit for; food choices are varied and plentiful; the architecture and vistas provide a photographer with plenty to choose from. I especially enjoyed walking along Lake Michigan.

Here is a selection of scenes from my recent trip to Chicago.

chicago jogger
Chicago Jogger
chicago night
Chicago Night
chicago morning commute
Chicago Morning Commute

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