September Memories

[An update of a blog originally published in September, 2015]

September, 2015, was a great month photographically. Early in the month we were in northwestern Minnesota in farm country, where I always come away with some fun shots. This year’s highlight was a sunrise on a morning with low fog.

golden rays
Golden Rays

We visit Janet’s family each year near Amor, MN, and I always come back with new images. Here’s one from our 2016 trip. This baby donkey was less than 24 hours old at the time of this picture.


Twice in September, 2015, we visited Kinstone Circle, near Fountain City, WI. We were there for equinox (technically, just a day or two before it), and again a week later for the supermoon eclipse. That evening started with a “drum circle”, and finished with a spectacular “blood moon”.

kinstone equinox
Kinstone Equinox
drum circle
Drum Circle
blood moon
Blood Moon

In September, 2016, I witnessed the Northern Lights at Kinstone for the very first time.

kinstone aurora
Kinstone Aurora

We also had the chance to visit Mayowood Mansion, the former home of “Dr. Charlie” Mayo, in September, 2015. The mansion underwent significant renovation (still a little work to do), but was in fine form. They revived a tradition of setting up a fall chrysanthemum display, which was lovely.

mayowood chrysanthemums
Mayowood Chrysanthemums

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