There’s a special place in the heart of Fox and Swan Arts for Kinstone, set atop the bluffs of southwestern Wisconsin above the Mississippi River. Proprietor and stone stander Kristine Beck has built a magical place for people of all ages and backgrounds to visit, to learn, to savor nature, and to appreciate the sacred setting of Kinstone. The dominant structure at Kinstone is a 19-stone circle where Kristine holds gatherings and events throughout the year. Other notable features are the Kinstone Chapel and the Dragonskeep visitor center, both of which highlight the technique of cordwood construction, as taught by masters such as Richard Flatau. Another must-see structure is the Three Witnesses spiral with its polished stone table in the center, and characteristic arch “window” in the outer wall. Cats, goats, ducks and geese are all familiar sites on the grounds. Students come to Kinstone to learn about permaculture practices as taught by Wayne Weiseman, or to practice yoga or meditation. It’s one of our favorite places to photograph, to get away from the bustle of the city, and enjoy the company of good friends. Enjoy this gallery of some of our favorite Kinstone scenes.

kinstone startrail
Kinstone Startrail

16″ x 24″ Print, mounted on 3/4″ black offset – $195

24″ x 36″ Canvas print, mounted on a wooden frame – $275


kinstone three witnesses
Kinstone Three Witnesses

16″ x 24″ Canvas, mounted on wooden frame – $195


kinstone polaris stars
Kinstone Polaris Stars

11″ x 14″ Metal print – $95

24″ x 36″ Canvas print, mounted on wooden frame – $275


Kinstone Three Witnesses
Kinstone Three Witnesses

8″ x 10″ Print, matted and framed to 13″ x 26″ – $75






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