Travel Reflections: Jamaica

Janet and I just completed a cruise vacation that included a stop in Jamaica. It was my first time visiting this island, and Janet’s second visit.

We arrived in Jamaica’s Montego Bay after two and a half days at sea. We chose to take a snorkeling excursion on the morning of our arrival. We got aboard our catamaran, which took us out to the snorkeling location, not that far from port. The sky and waters were were both a brilliant blue.

Jamaica Catamaran
Jamaica Catamaran
Jamaica Catamaran
Jamaica Catamaran
Jamaica Catamaran
Jamaica Snorkeling

The snorkeling location was excellent, with calm waters and plenty of colorful fish. After nearly a full hour of snorkel time, we headed to Margaritaville for a quick drink before heading back to the port. Janet observed how much Margaritaville had changed since she was last there over a decade ago. In Jamaica, you can always count on seeing some colorful characters!

Jamaica Stiltwalker
Jamaica Stiltwalker

We relaxed back on board for the afternoon. A cloud bank passed over, dropping some rain, but producing a lovely rainbow.

Jamaica Rainbow
Jamaica Rainbow

Even though we can’t say we came to know Jamaica and its culture in a deep way, we left with happy memories. We’ll look forward to another visit someday. [Cue Harry Belafonte singing Jamaica Farewell…]

Jamaican Farewell
Jamaica Farewell

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