Rochester Tourism

I’m pleased to say I completed my training and have earned the status of a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the city of Rochester, MN. Doing so strengthens my ability to assist visitors to our wonderful city and leave them with a positive experience and memory. Thanks to the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau for providing this training.

Many of my future blog entries will focus on things to see and do in Rochester. As Janet and I visit restaurants, shops, attractions, we’ll take a moment to give you our impressions and invite you to check them out.

Less than 24 hours after receiving my certification, I had the chance to practice my skills. I was waiting at the bus stop downtown to head home. A fellow asked if I could help him, as he was new to Rochester and this was going to be his first time using the bus. We chatted a bit. He’s a post-doc researcher most recently from the Netherlands. He came to Rochester ahead of his wife and son, and not only is beginning his post-doctoral research at Mayo, but is house-hunting so his family can join him in a few months. Turns out he needed to ride the same bus route I did. I got him to his destination, explained how to get back downtown, and left him with a favorable early impression of Rochester residents.

downtown bus stop
Downtown Bus Stop

No sooner did I get home when I received a text message from a good friend from the Twin Cities who was in Rochester for a business meeting at the Mayo Civic Center. She was looking for a place to eat near her hotel. I gave her a few choices, like Chester’s, and Pescara, and Grand Rounds Brew Pub. I was glad I was familiar with each of those locations, so I could give her a quick reply. Janet and I had a reception to attend at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC), but we caught up with our friend and joined her for an adult beverage at Grand Rounds.


Not a bad first effort at being a CTA, if I say so myself!

I’ve put lots of links in this blog. Please do visit the websites of the places I mentioned, and stay tuned for more stories of Rochester.



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