Light Chaser Stories: Scene 1

Thanks for supporting the Kickstarter campaign for Light Chaser. Here’s a story that sets the context for the exhibit.

As a light chaser, it helps to plan ahead, as light is an elusive and ever-changing creature. I had been waiting for some months to go out on the weekend of a new moon to create a star trail photo at Kinstone, a favorite hangout of mine in Wisconsin. Each time a weekend would fall near a new moon, my efforts were thwarted by cloudy skies, it seemed. Finally, a clear weekend was forecast so I made the drive from Rochester to Fountain City well after sundown to start my quest.

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Night Light

I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to take some night sky images at Kinstone Circle near Fountain City, Wisconsin. Every month since April I would wait for the new moon, hoping that one of the days surrounding the new moon would have cloudless skies and decent weather. It was a long wait, but I had good luck twice, once at the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and again at the end of the month with a second new moon (the so-called “black moon”).

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