Here’s the back story to the Exhibit.

I conceived “Light Chaser” as a dual exploration of the visible light spectrum seen through the eyes of both artists and scientists. When you look at my collection of photographs you’ll see that many have a dominant color from somewhere in the spectrum. I felt I could arrange selected images into a conceptual color spectrum, following the familiar and timeworn acronym of ROY G BIV, as constructed by Isaac Newton.

“Now, that this whiteness is a Mixture of the severally colour’d rays, falling confusedly on the paper, I see no reason to doubt of.”     ~Isaac Newton

In the end, I will prepare two such conceptual spectra, one dedicated to the scientists whose theoretical and experimental work I studied in graduate school, and one to the philosophers, writers, and artists whose work I am taking time to get to know now. You can get an idea of how the images will come together from this partial construction of the color spectrum.

Partial Spectrum
Partial Spectrum


“Colour are light’s suffering and joy.”     ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Each in their own way, all of these figures were light chasers, whether they were chasing the elusive understanding of the fundamental nature of light and color, or whether they were using words, paint, or the tools of photography to create images that inspire. I think of myself as light chaser, as well. This exhibit is my first attempt at telling my story.

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