Digital Photo Restoration

It’s happened to all of us who engage in genealogy: you spend months or years tracking down photos of your great-grandparents, and then you find one, only to see that it has suffered significant damage. It’s faded, torn, water-stained… you’re heartbroken because it’s almost not worthy of public display.

Not every damaged photograph can be rescued, but let us save the ones that can. Here’s one from our family, to show you what’s possible. Notice in the restored image how your eye’s attention returns to the couple, now that the distracting blemishes are removed.

basic restoration
Basic Restoration

Once the basic restoration is complete, then after effects can be added, as you desire. Here’s an example of adding a vignette feature to the above photograph.

restoration with vignette
Restoration with Vignette

Contact us to discuss your photo restoration needs and pricing. Let us restore your family treasures.

Here are our basic packages for a single photo. Bronze package – $25; Silver package -$40; Gold package – $60. Quantity pricing is available if you have many photos.

Restoration Price Grid
Restoration Price Grid

Here’s another example, where glare and water stains were corrected.

glare restoration
Glare Restoration


We also feature color restoration for photos that have faded or discolored over time.

Color Restoration
Color Restoration


Sometimes the picture isn’t that old, but has suffered damage all the same. Here’s a before and after of a handsome young lad.

Photo Restore
Photo Restore

The example below provided a good challenge. The crosshatch artifact on the original was stubborn to remove.

jke aune
JKE Aune

Another military photo restoration below, this time from the World War II era.

military photo restoration
Military Photo Restoration


Here’s another color restoration. The original photo had faded over time, and had a greenish tint all over. Here’s how it looked before and after.


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