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[Originally published April, 2016]

Janet and I had a wonderfully musical weekend. It began with seeing a pair of musicians at one of our local hangouts for dinner, and we even snuck in a little dancing. It continued the next night, when we spontaneously bought tickets to hear two well-known Minnesota-based musicians play together in a very intimate yet rollicking performance. Beyond the fact that the music is good, it’s gratifying to start to build a relationship with the musicians. Over time, they begin to recognize you, then you’re connected on social media, and eventually you’re on a first name basis.

My preference is for acoustic music (folk; roots; bluegrass; Dixieland jazz), but whether you like acoustic or electric music, there’s nothing quite like live music. I strongly encourage any and all readers of this blog to seek out live music whenever possible. If you hear a musician you enjoy playing for tips in a restaurant or coffee house, I encourage you to consider leaving them a better tip than one or two bucks. If I spend at least an hour listening, I think $15 is appropriate.

One of my favorite photographic topics is music, whether photographing the musician, or their instrument, or the settings where they play. Here are some of my favorite photos over the years pertaining to music. Contact us if you are a musician and would like Fox and Swan Arts to photograph you or your band.

And, here are some links to the websites of some of my favorite musicians… check them out!

The Skally Line

Daddy Squeeze, Dan Newton

Monroe Crossing

Tom Hipps

The D’Sievers

the skally line
The Skally Line
new standards
New Standards
john evans
John Evans
daddy squeeze dan newton
“Daddy Squeeze” Dan Newton
monroe crossing
Monroe Crossing
bluegrass jam
Bluegrass Jam

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