Think of the Possibilities!

I’ll admit it, I’m an incorrigible optimist. I have a tendency to look beyond reality and see the possibilities I want to see in a situation. Sometimes that gets me into trouble, but I deal with the consequences if they happen.

It wasn’t always that way for me. I won’t say I was raised as a pessimist, but I would say I was taught to stay grounded in reality, rather than to dream of bigger things. For the most part it kept me on the straight and narrow, but over time I grew dissatisfied with leaving that other space unexplored.

I admire people who see possibilities where others see dead ends. Even more, I admire those who not only see possibilities, but then turn them into realities. That’s what I’m shooting for. I have lots to learn about that!

Here’s a photo meant to inspire you to dream of new possibilities, and then make them real.

think of the possibilities
Think of the Possibilities

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