The World is not a Boring Place

One of my observations of teenagers during my teaching years was how quickly they defaulted to a position of, “This is boring” when confronted with something new. I suppose this was a defense mechanism of sorts for dealing with the fear and frustration of facing new or challenging material.

I don’t know why I’ve never relied on “this is boring” as a way to cope with things I don’t understand. I suppose it’s because I like the challenge of learning about something new. Some folks think opera is boring, for example. Well, I’m no opera expert, and I don’t listen to opera often, but I’m captivated by opera as a medium for storytelling. It makes me want to understand it better.

The world is not a boring place. There’s just too much going on that is new and interesting for anybody to complain about being bored.

I believe the world is interesting right where you are, even if it’s easier to be drawn in to places that are new. In the spirit of “The world is not a boring place,” here’s a look at Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai.

waimea canyon
Waimea Canyon

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