Of Mountains and Valleys

When you think of mountains and valleys, what comes to mind?

For some folks, mountains inspire images of adventure, thrill, power, and achievement. Reaching the summit is a metaphor for what many athletes, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals strive to achieve for themselves. From the mountain top, the details of the world below become obscured, and one develops an appreciation of the bigger picture.

Valleys evoke different thoughts. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil.” Valleys are dark, mysterious, foreboding places. At best, valleys are where home is… you return to the quiet of the valley after an adventurous journey. At worst, valleys are deadly, hostile places filled with frightening otherworldly creatures.

I came to appreciate both mountains and valleys on our trip to Norway. There’s a beauty in the valleys of the fjord country that defies description. I enjoyed the vistas down in the valleys as much as those from the mountain tops.


As a traveler, I try to be open to the emotions I experience in every new place I visit. I found the valley regions to be the thrilling part of our travels in Norway. I hope the image below allows you to share in the memories I have of Norway.

What are your experiences of mountains and valleys? Leave a comment about your travel experiences.

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